Humanitarian Agencies

Summary of AMSOR’s Important milestones:

  • September of 2010 AmSor board members was formed.

  • Fall of 2010, AMSOR acquired State of Minnesota registration as an NGO.

  • Spring of 2013, AMSOR acquired the 501c as an international NGO from US Internal Revenue Service of Department of Treasury.

  • Fall of 2013 AMSOR made the first contact with the community in the District of Burtinle, AMSOR project area.

  • 12/2013 AMSOR hired Staff person to run the first field office in Somalia.

  • January of 2014 AMSOR established contacts with The District Commissioner and Head of the Education Department of the District of Burtinle. In the same month Agency got clearance from the DC, for AMSOR to work in Burtinle area.

  • Early Spring of 2014, AMSOR Board approved the funds to carry the first two projects in the area of education.

  • April of 2014, Puntland Authorities approved the clearance for AMSOR to operate Puntland-wide, this was an important step for the Agency. Although our project focus is currently in Burtinle, but AMSOR activities necessarily involve other parts of the State, for shipping and other business purposes.