Humanitarian Agencies

American Somali Relief Agency, also know as AmSor was established in 2010 when group of professionals in Minnesota recognized the need for such organization in Somalia. AmSor was built to provide relief during draughts and famine in Somalia and also promote the development of Somalia’s rural and urban communities. AmSor is a non-profit organization with US clearance as a 501c international NGO. The leaders of Somalia, including the authorities and traditional elders unanimously agreed that there is a need for development, relief and other humanitarian work for the people of Somalia. Although, Somalia enjoys relative peace and calm nowadays, but poverty, underdevelopment and lack of progress mostly in the social and economic sectors are very serous challenges to many parts of Somalia. Somalia is also known to have many preventable humanitarian crises. Most of these sufferings come in the form of seasonal droughts, famine, civil wars and endless fight for power. AmSor leaders and supporters are familiar in the area’s cultures and people, which put the agency in a crucial position for delivering services and goods. This is important because current humanitarian agencies face many challenges in delivering relief. AmSor plan of operation is unprecedented and innovative, in the sense that the work is mostly carried out by volunteers; Somali intellectuals that are committed to assist the people back at home, to overcome illiteracy, poverty and be on the path to progress for better future and with endless opportunities.

Currently, AmSor is working in the Puntland State of Somalia. The Agency just acquired clearance to work in the area. AmSor also just completed a research that looked into the educational needs of the Tuula Isse neighborhood of Burtinle District. The Agency found that 6 out of every ten kids do not have education in this neighborhood. The main causes were lack of schools or the parents cannot afford the modest monthly fee that some neighborhood schools charge. In addition, the Agency established working relationship with the leaders of the District, elders and many parents from The District of Burtinle. Agency has hired a staff person, AmSor Field Office Manager Xuseen Axmed Cabbdulle and was working for the Agency since 12/2013.